Rethink Traditional Photoprocessing Techniques with A Conceptually Novel Approach!

VUV and far-UVC exposure systems which combines high power, exceptional uniformity, and versatility in an efficient and compact modular form factor.


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  • High output intensity drives photo-processes in real-time
  • Square aperture for large area exposures
  • Immediate start and cool running for continuous or pulsed operation


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  • Efficient packaging and passive cooling for an all-in-one system which is easily transported
  • Integrated purge system for atmospheric exposures - no vacuum system required
  • Light weight, small size, and unique modular design simplifies integration with existing systems

Green Technology

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  • Eco-friendly lamp technology requires no Hg or toxic/flammable gas fill
  • High electron to photon conversion for reduced power consumption
  • Made of recyclable materials and components

Cygnus Photonics Updates:

Compact Manual Aligning System Released

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α-line is a universal manual align and exposure system, extending the practicality of aligners beyond microelectronics and traditional photoresists. Utilizing exclusive technologies, direct imaging on PMMA, ABS, and other organic polymers is now possible, making α-line ideal for the needs of MEMS, bioengineering, and life sciences.

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Nanoscale Manuscript Published by Cygnus Photonics Team

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High resolution (<400 nm) photolithographic technique and precise photoablation of polymers has been demonstrated using 172 nm exposure tools manufactured by Cygnus Photonics.

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Photonics West 2020; Exhibition and Oral Talk

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Cygnus Photonics attends Photonics West 2020 conference and exhibits photopatterning tools.

Presentation Abstract

New Compact π2-Cygni Exposure System Released

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Cygnus Photonics introduces a novel 172 nm exposure system that fits in the palm of your hand!

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