Samples and Targets Produced by Polymer Photoablation

Request meshes, resolution, alignment, and multilayer phase calibration targets of arbitrary shapes.

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Ultraviolet Light Engines

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Pi - Photon

A Universal Compact Exposure System, Pi - Photon, fits in the palm of your hand and is designed to be used standalone or with additional modules.

  • Turnkey system
  • Surface cleaning and functionalization in minutes (great alternative to oxygen plasma treatment)
  • Fast and efficient removal of polymer and other organic materials
  • Low power consumption (15 W), no cooling required
  • Available emission wavelengths: 172 nm, 222 nm, and 308 nm
  • Open aperture: 42 × 42 mm (1.65" × 1.65")
  • Long lifetime: > 2000 hrs
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Robust light engine for industrial applications.

  • Low power consumption (<50 W)
  • Available emission wavelengths: 172 nm, 222 nm, and 308 nm
  • Highest intensity in its class: >20 mW/cm2 (at 172 nm)
  • Open aperture: 92 × 92 mm (3.62)" × 3.62")
  • Long lifetime: > 2000 hrs
  • Uniform intensity profile
  • Easily integrable into existing systems

Photolithography and Patterning


Modular Sub-Micron Patterning, Photolithographic, and Flood Exposure System

  • Photopatterning outside of a clean room
  • Produce micrometer-size features in polymers in minutes
  • Hydrophilic/hydrophobic patterning of surfaces
  • Demonstration of photolithographic processes without toxic chemichals
  • Fast and affordable prototyping of optical components and nano- and microfluidics
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Universal Manual Alignment System.

  • Applications: Multi-layer Photolithography, Microfluidics, Polymer optics
  • No utilities required to operate
  • 1 µm accuracy
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